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The examination is based on the National Standards of Practice for Case Management, Edition and National Code of Ethics for Case Management Edition and all applicants must access these publications during the online examination in order to complete the same. Copies may also be purchased from the CMSA website.

Professional Case Management for Nurses and Social Workers

When do i complete the online examination? Do i need to undertake the online examination by a certain date? How many questions must I answer? How long is the online examination? Is there a time restriction applied to the online examination? What score do i need to achieve to pass each examination module? How do i receive my examination results? Do i need to complete the examination modules in consecutive order? What are the seven 7 examination modules? What if i experience any internet disruptions or disconnections during the exam?

What is the ccm online examination platform? What are the examination rules and regulations? The total amount of case management experience accumulated over an individuals career lifetime and necessary in order for an applicant to meet this eligibility criteria will vary depending on the application pathway either Pathway 1 , Pathway 2 , Pathway 3 or Pathway 4.

Important: The CCM forms will vary depending on an individuals nominated application pathway i. Application Pathway 1, 2, 3 or 4. To review the CCM forms and requirements for each application pathway please click onto the icon in the next column to visit the Application Checklist for Pathways 1 - 4 web page.

How much does it cost to take the CCM?

An applicant must demonstrate they have undertaken at least a minimum of 12 months hrs case management experience with or without remuneration in the last 3 years backdated from the date of the CCM application. This is the first course in the study of the theory and process of case management. This course is the second case management certification course in the continuing education program. Concepts and theories in case management systems and models are presented, as a continuation of study in CM Students will study utilization management and its tools for assessment and decision making.

Legal and ethical issues in case management practice are examined as well. Ethical issues and dilemmas are examined as they relate specifically to the practice of case management and the role of the case manager.

  • Twisted Sisters;
  • Dropping the Gloves: Inside the Fiercely Combative World of Professional Hockey.
  • Dysfunctional Families: HOW GOD IS ABLE TO USE THEM;

This course also presents theory and models of the discharge planning process and its function within case management systems and models. The role of the discharge planner is examined. Students also study the entire case management system and role from assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation.

Case management forms and tools are presented. Factors leading to success in the role of case manager are also studied. Case studies in case management are examined to assist the student in operationalizing the concepts learned in this course and in CM This is an advanced case management course. The focus of this course is on Outcomes Management and its practice within case management systems.

Students will study in-depth information on disease management, models of disease management and their development and implementation. A full process of disease management is presented. From here, students progress in their study to outcomes management. Participants will study the outcomes management process from beginning to end.

The role of the case manager in outcomes management is developed as content is further presented.

A Certification for Health Delivery System Case Management and Transitions of Care Professionals

Tools for use in outcomes management programs are presented with information on implementation for practice. Students then study the concept of an outcomes management program developed within case management systems and for the role of the case manager. A comprehensive presentation of designs, benchmarks, indicators and outcomes research is examined.

Further focus is presented on developing outcomes management programs within case management systems. This is the fourth continuing education course in the case management program. This knowledge category approaches CCM work from a technical perspective, and takes into account such subjects as what skills and procedures are necessary to carry out case management; what the very purpose of this important career path is; how to gauge how much work a specific case may bring; and how to communicate effectively with both your care colleagues and those under your care.

At 7 questions total, it makes up only 5 percent of the full exam. It covers the assorted elements of admitting and helping a patient through rehabilitation with a disability, as well as how their condition can impact their livelihood. You will be expected to demonstrate your knowledge on not only how to help patients adapt to life with their condition with respect to their work, but about the various rights owed to them by their place of work to adjust to their needs.

You should also brush up on different methods of rehabilitation and how to examine the abilities and needs of a patient with disabilities. We recommend taking this notification with the slightest grain of salt. While this indicator has a very high accuracy rate—99 percent, to be exact—there is still a margin of error. The grading process for CCM certification is extremely intricate. You could potentially be thought to have scored one way and actually performed oppositely. You will officially be recognized as a CCM and can suffix this title professionally. You can expect to receive your new certificate in the mail.

Generally CCM test takers will know they have failed the exam by way of email, which will contain a full profile displaying their scores on the exam and how they did on each specific section. The CCM exam permits retakes, but only in accordance to the regular schedule already set for the exam. Retakes are not free, and come with a limited window. If you cannot retest within the allotted time frame, you will have to file another application and re-apply as if you were taking the test for the very first time.

No matter how well you do on the exam, you can always locate your score on the official website for CCM certification. When you first registered to take the exam, your application was stored on the website and will further contain more information about your score. Please keep in mind that practice makes perfect with respect to CCM certification.

Case Management CE Courses Program - AIHCP

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