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A lot of times in YA literature, the protagonist will listen to indie rock or old school rock. Hopefully, that will help validate it for others who may write it off or not think of it as much.

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What is Garden Heights to you, and why do you keep going back there? There are bits and pieces of Garden Heights that are based on my own neighbourhood where I grew up. Not only do kids in neighbourhoods like that feel seen and validated, but other people also have a better understanding and stop making so many assumptions.

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You articulate anger so well in your books, particularly the anger that comes from being young and a minority. Why is anger something you want to explore?

Caffeinated Reviewer | Pecan Pies and Dead Guys by Angie Fox

Both of your books are about how individual action can snowball into collective action. I think we all have that responsibility, for sure. I think we all have the responsibility to make the political personal.


All of a sudden, everybody cares. When we talk about systemic racism, so much of it goes to politics. If we want to change the system, we need to change the politicians who control the system. This gorgeously written novel uses the relationship between artists Lee Miller and Man Ray to ask pertinent questions about the relationship between love, ambition and art.

YA sensation Thomas puts modern attitudes towards everything from freedom of speech to poverty under the spotlight in this smart story of a young black girl who dreams of becoming a rap star. This assured debut tackles slavery and the price of profit as a war hero finds himself dragged into a murder case in 18th-century Deptford that has far wider implications. A warm and wise treasure of a book with a character whose voice draws you in from the start. For fans of Fleabag and Dear White People. Covering topics from sport and music to politics and prison, Boakye is a witty, passionate guide in this thoughtful examination of what black culture and identity mean in Britain.

Here, she heads to London in , where female detective Bridie Devine faces her most difficult case: the search for a child who is not supposed to exist. Part cookbook, part memoir, part self-help guide.

Troubled teenager Violet is drawn into an intense friendship with three girls at her new school in this hugely addictive debut. I think it's probably going to be one of things I'll never forget, sitting there in the theater with all of those people and hearing their reactions to certain things. When I saw the movie before that, it was with people who had a vested interest in it. Like, with my agent or my editor or my publishing house people.

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But it was something to see it with people who weren't part of the process in any way. It was awesome to hear their authentic reactions. I loved to hear the reaction after that, and all the great reviews that came from it. But knowing that that many people came out and they connected with it really did something for me.

It's one of those things I won't forget.

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For me, I've been blown away from seeing them both as the characters. But I hope this movie helps people see Amandla, not Rue. I hope that it makes her a household name. Same for Russell; Russell's been doing incredible work for decades now. If this movie can get him the recognition that he deserves, I'm honored that it did that.

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Pecan Pies and Dead Guys

They both put so much into their characters and they gave their heart and soul to these roles and it shows. I'm so happy for them and I can't wait to see where it takes them. AT: The process took almost a year for that to happen. Throughout the process, I was in touch with the screenwriters the entire time. They kept me involved and George [Tilman Jr, the director] as well. I was very involved. I had a couple of sit-down conversations with the screenwriters.