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Weddings can become quite costly. Instead of hiking up your budget at every bout of Pinterest inspiration, why not get yourself to work?

Your Wedding Decor Could be Worth Some Serious Cash

There are a lot of ways to lessen the stress of your wallet when it comes to planning the big day and that includes DIYing. Your wedding is a memorable moment you want to relive again and again. You also want to leave your guests in awe of the organization and effort put in place.

This would reflect your love for each …. If you have chosen to have your wedding at …. What are some creative and interesting ways I can decorate the bridal table without going overboard or winding up bankrupt?

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Our Answer: There are a lot of ways you could go, …. For many of us, our wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days of our lives. In America, a survey ….

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Should You Sell Your Wedding Dress?

What all do you have? Report 0 Reply. I've been tempted to put it up on ebay Planning Bio with For Sale!! I was able to sell my tablecloths to another girl using our reception site, getting married in Novemeber. That was probably my largest purchase, so I'm glad I was able to do that without having to ship.

I listed a few of my items on Ebay and already sold one of them.

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I notice a lot of the girls on the Classified's boards are looking for very particular colors and I keep wanting to tell them "No one will care about as much about your decor! Save yourself some money and buy someone else's wedding stuff if it's close!

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So true but I don't think many people will listen unfortunately because I know I wouldn't have! I sold my linens soon after the wedding on Craigslist, but most of my centerpieces are still at my parent's house. Also if you want to donate it you can always drop it off at your local goodwill.

HOW TO SELL YOUR DIAMOND RING for the most money

Or you could get a hold of a wedding and event planner and ask them if they are wanting to buy some, i have a friend who in the wedding business and she buys from brides who are selling there items and here her email if you are wanting to sell some of your wedding items, weddingbells gmail. Tradesy or ruffled blog.

Wedding Decorations - Up to 90% off at Tradesy

Although I've tried to buy stuff off ruffles blog and no one ever responded to me Log in Join now. Just Said Yes September Saved Save. VIP November Master October WW bride-to-bride Facebook page. Local Facebook pages, craigslist. Expert June VIP September Dedicated June Super October Local face book wedding selling pages.