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It is an invaluable companion for project management professionals who are either engaged with the EPMO or are looking to establish one from scratch. The book offers practical advice on how to set up an EPMO. This includes: vision, mission, objectives, identity, road map, service portfolio, project methodology, automation, training and certification, PMO politics and much more Note the book will also appeal to CXOs, executives, senior managers and others who have keen interest in executing strategy Product Details About the Author.

About the Author Abid Mustafa is a seasoned professional with 20 years' experience in the IT and Telecommunications industry. He specialises in enhancing corporate performance through the establishment and operation of executive PMOs and delivering tangible benefits through the management of complex transformation programmes and projects.

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Write a Review. Related Searches. A - Z Pearls of Wisdom for Executive. The challenges you inevitably face call for specific skills and attributes, specific pearls of wisdom that are crucial for your overall success. View Product. Absolute Surrender and Abide in Christ. Andrew Murray was a South African pastor and a well read author of Christian literature Andrew Murray was a South African pastor and a well read author of Christian literature by all denominations. Murray wrote over books including Christian classics such as Abide in Christ and Absolute Surrender. In Murray's devotional Absolute Surrender he Ages Past: The Isolation.

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Imagine a time: When all human races had never warred between themselves. The only pursuits The only pursuits in life spiritual wisdom, creativity, a quest for knowledge. Imagine: A Cold Blooded Coalition with a hatred for humanity. War death and destruction ruling the Executive Punishment. Meadow was grateful to work for an executive but there was a price to pay Recruitment in the project management market in mid finds itself in between times: the recessionary economy of post and an emerging state of recovery.

How do you measure agile success?

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Along with this it can include coaching and men However, the terminology needs to be chosen carefully to account for tone and How communication helps change and project management success. Organizational and project change is difficult because — primarily — it involves humans who are programmed to like the status quo.

Businesses underestimate the impact of change management at their peril. However, the tendency is to focus on project management delivery, st In this latest blog post in our short series about people newly-certified via training with Logical Model , she discusses the value of combining PRINCE2 and agile knowledge by certifying recently i I run a team of consultants and focus How to be ready: the need for speed in ITSM Those that have already adopted b While Scrum has become the standard for agile software product development, many Scrum users are demanding a kind of umbrella for managing more complex projects where more than one team is involved.

Service Monitoring Application Development. Now it is time to look ahead to how we pump water through the pipes we have built. It is time to discuss how we be Project and programme management — deriving value for organizations.

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By this I mean that, presently, colleagues who have passed their best practice foundation and practitioner examinations are not ITIL 4 and cloud-based services. Have you noticed how the world of IT is changing in recent years? Have you also noticed how your role, responsibilities and current work practices might be coming under increased pressure to change and work differently? Organizations used to buy and build IT infrastructure a The IT industry is rife with buzzwords carrying varied interpretations, so education helps When I got my start in IT, I found myself in a service operation role without even knowing what it was!

Three tips for successful programme management with ITIL. Get to know the customer The first step in a contract should be a kick-off meeting and, where possible, d The five-hour rule for success. It would certainly be my reaction. The delta — less disruption, more success. With tech-centric changes driving disruption all around us, AgileSHIFT has a simple indicator to help you assess the impact on your organization.

The Delta is the difference between the 'target state' and the current performance level. The larger the delta, the more exposed The service level agreement SLA model has always existed in the world of IT in some form, as a promise to guarantee a level of service. For a long time, SLAs have offered very traditional approaches to measure what is perceived as quality of service by IT organizations.


The importance of collaboration in the evolution of ITSM. Cyber-attack Processes Risk management Senior team Vulnerability. One of the most important aspects of delivering a world-class service, regardless of whether the word "cloud" is associated with the service or not, is Service Monitoring. Monitoring should not be considered a commodity, but rather a strategic opportunity for Service Deliver Protecting the reputation of UK Higher Education with your most valuable defence: your people. How can the higher education sector protect itself from and respond to a cyber-attack in the era of increased digital connectivity?

Do you know what it means to be the victim of cyber crime? For example, how does it feel to have your mobile device stolen and find that someone has used it to hack into confidential and valuable work information? How willing are you to trust an email from a colleague you know, asking you to click a link or open an attachment? And what happens when you realize the person asking you to do something for them turns out not to be the person you believed they were? This is the nightma The far-reaching impacts can include reputational loss, damage to competitive advantage and disruption to operational stability.

These pro Can posting a photograph of a family celebration on a personal media account really have an impact on your employer and the organization? This week, we celebrate the annual Learning at Work Week , a national event that celebrates professional development and lifelong learning in the workplace.

All over the UK, organisations are running activities and workshops to empower professionals with new skills and know The project manager as a coach - think about the GAME. Projects and project management are about delivering change that your organization values. Doing that needs task orientation: you focus on what needs to be done, by when and to what quality — the founding pillars of project management. That same task orientation can le Creating a learning culture.

As an organization are you interested in attracting top talent? In growing your business? Providing your employees, the tools they need to be successful? If you are than you need to create a learning-centred work culture.

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  8. What's the best way of pinpointing our strengths and weaknesses? As such it is a vital focus and enabler for the buy-in, motivation and activity alignment of the large community of stakeholders involved in any prog ITIL update: New effective ways of applying old ideas. These sources essentially articulate in a cogent and accessible way the learning from others who have been in the same place before them, facing the same challenges But b What has meant for project managers and what is coming around the corner in ?

    Karen Ferris of Macanta Consulting looks ahead to the challenges facing project managers and their organizations next year. The need to be both waterfall and agile in projects ha Working on my first ever business change project, the guidance was The Manual The Practitioner exam is open book, meaning you can consult the manual during the exam. The only book you can take Train the Trainer, Chicago: A training session review.

    There are two areas of culture we need to look at. The first is an understanding of the role of ITSM and the need to challenge the business perception that looks upon the Information Technology department or division in an organization as a separate entity rather than an inte SMEs, cyber risk and resilience — to invest or not to invest? The high profile cyber attacks of the past year have involved much bigger commercial fish than companies in the SME market. When I first learnt about ITIL Practitioner , I was somewhat sceptical about its value and, in particular, how it would work for candidates with a wide range of ITIL backgrounds, knowledge and job roles.

    Configuration management is an area often underestimated by businesses. This is because configuration management also involves orga This stark fact alone should make any company ensure it is resilient to cyber attack. So where do you start?

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    What does the leadership team need to know and do? What skills are required for organizations Handing over personal data to an organiza Essential ITSM tips for I really recognized the power of ITIL and service mana Without employing SD and, for example, moving to transition without much design and attention to processes there is a Practitioner is very much going to be about continual improvement as much as However, there is a shared thread running through each that can have a real impact on organizational Four vital principles for project and programme governance.

    What is effective project and programme governance and why is it important to define and establish governance arrangements for success and the realization of benefits? T he focus of many organizations , particularly in the public sector, is how to reduce the cost of opera The simplest answer is not really.

    I have seen this term several times over the past few years, but never dug into it until I realized that we need more agility in the current Programmes: leadership and stakeholder management skills.