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Canon 7D Movie Mode, Footage / Video Samples

Sign in to use this feature. This article has no associated abstract. No keywords specified fix it. As you can see below, this gimbal has a smart touch panel that makes changing camera settings a breeze. It also has a trigger button that allows you to select from various mode types, including "hunting mode," which enables you to shoot photos wherever you aim. Best of all, this gimbal has a high-performance chip and an anti-shake algorithm that helps you create beautifully smooth video, even if you don't have the steadiest of hands. One thing that sets pro-quality videos apart from amateur videos is actually the quality of the audio.

After all, there's no point in spending a ton of time and money investing in a high-quality 4K camera, a gimbal, lighting gear, and other accessories if the audio that goes with the video is subpar. Where most mics outsource recording to the camera, this rig does it internally via a MicroSD card though it enables internal camera recording too.

What's more, you can playback the audio right then and there or attach your headphones to the headphone jack on the mic for real-time audio monitoring. Professional sounding audio each and every time! The controls are easy-to-use, with a one-button recording function to make audio recording a breeze.

The Rycote Lyre shock mounting system helps isolate the mic from vibrations and mechanical noise to further improve the quality of audio. What's more, this mic is built like a tank with durable all-metal construction that will give you years and years of use. In other words, if you want your videos to truly impress, you need a great mic, and for my money, there's none better than the Shure VP83F!

Written by PT Editor on 12 November But there are a lot of ways that you can ensure that you earn more money, one of which is to diversify the services you offer. Instead, with the powerful capabilities of cameras these days in terms of video, and with better-than-ever video production tools readily available, it makes sense to expand your photography business by offering video services too.

Let's say that you're a wedding photographer and you're in the running to get the gig with another photographer. If it came down to you - who also offers videography as part of your wedding package - and another equally-skilled photographer who doesn't offer video, who do you think would get the gig? Video is an easy, inexpensive way to make your pitch to clients a little more enticing, and the more enticing it is, the more likely you'll be able to make prospective clients into paying customers. That's why more and more photographers are starting to shoot video!

A great way to polish your skills and develop more comfort as a videographer is to produce content for YouTube. Doing so doesn't just help you long-term in that you can practice your video-taking skills, but it can also help you in the near-term, too.

That's because YouTube is a fantastic way to promote your work. You create how-to videos on photography for YouTube, and people start to see your videos and consider you as a valuable resource for photography knowledge. As you build an audience, monetizing your channel is a great way to boost your income and help out your photography business.

One of the biggest reasons why photographers should shoot video is that shooting video is easier than you think. No, it's not something that you'll master the first time you flip the switch to video, but with a photography background, you're already way ahead of the game. For starters, you already know your way around a camera and lenses. Secondly, you already have an eye for composition. Those factors alone make shooting video vastly easier than for someone that has no background in photography.

Additionally, creating and editing videos can be a quick, painless process if you go about it right. While programs like Final Cut Pro are awesome and highly powerful, they're also hard to learn and expensive as well. That's why it's important to take a look at other programs that offer an incredible array of features while also being affordable and easy to use. Kizoa is one such program.

As a result of all that hard work and dedication, Kizoa's platform truly is the height of functionality, features, ease of use, and price. The pre-made templates that Kizoa has put together means you can plug your videos in and get a huge head start on creating a fantastic final product. Add in a music library, gorgeous special effects, transitions, texts, and other goodies, and you have the makings of a complete video production program.

What I appreciate about Kizoa even more is the fact that it's cloud-based, so all the work I do on my computer is safe and sound on the cloud.

Likewise, when I'm on the road and want to edit a video, I can do that from the free iOS app. Again, it's super quick and easy to make a video, and to share them too! That's a one-time-only fee as well, so you don't have to worry about paying a yearly subscription like other video processing tools require.

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As a photographer looking to expand their business into video production, you can't beat a program this powerful, this easy to use, and this well-priced! Often, the decisions that make the biggest difference in the success or failure of your business are the simplest ones. With these easy tips, you'll be better equipped to make your business a success in the short-term and the long-term.

Written by PT Editor on 28 November But that doesn't mean that you have to struggle for years and years to get the process of creating stunning videos down pat. In fact, with a few simple and quick tips, you can greatly improve the quality of your videos and start producing content that looks professional - all without being a pro.

Creating a meaningful, good-looking video requires much more than simply turning on your camera and shooting footage. There needs to be a purpose behind each sequence that you shoot, which means you need to think about what that purpose is before you ever press the record button. Is the footage you need intended to introduce the audience to someone or something? Are you seeking to convey a specific emotion or feeling? If so, what is it?

Tips & advice for second-shooting weddings

Is your goal to give the story more depth or are you ready to wrap it up? In this post , I discussed a few composition tips to be aware of, like using tried-and-true photography principles like the rule of thirds to enhance your videos. The way you compose shots and frame shots is just as important to consider as the footage in each sequence you shoot. What's more, the angle from which you shoot - eye-level, down low, or up high, will influence how your sequences look and feel as well.

Bearing all of this in mind will help you create footage that grabs people's attention and keeps them engaged. When you watch professional videos, B-Roll is included to give a "behind-the-scenes" point of view that adds depth and breadth to the video.