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I feel grateful to my courageous ancestors for making this journey to a new land for freedom sake, helping all their descendants have the gifts of living in freedom. Ancestor: William Brewster, Francis Eaton. David Kingsella. Our religious heritage brought here by our Separatist and Puritan ancestors is the foundation of our great country and must be defended against all attempts to steal it from us. It was a huge and surprising discovery for me.

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Connects me as an American more than almost anything I could have found. Very proud to be so connected to Massachusetts. Morgana Watson. Proud to know my ancestors were a part of history. Marcia Christiansen. Learning that I am a Mayflower descendant was a great surprise. It has meant a lot to me knowing my ancestors helped form this great country.

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I am proud of my English heritage. Marty Peterson.

Makes me proud of my heritage knowing my ancestors were part of starting this great country. Kathleen Bernstein. I have many connections to the Mayflower but only joined on S. I love that my roots go back to the very start of this country. Both of my parents are from Stephen Hopkins. So I have millions of cousins. Darla Bedford Moe. I am proud to be a descendant of the brave men, women, and children who risked everything to begin a new community where they could live according to their beliefs.

The hardships they faced make me all the more grateful for the life I enjoy today. I'm fascinated with the history and love to be part of it. Touring Plymouth, MA recently was the first time I got to really connect with the family history. It meant a lot to me. Being an Alternative education teacher I am always using real history to increase interest for my students. In doing this I began looking into my ancestry about a year and a half ago.

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In my search I became aware that I am a descendent of several of the Mayflower passengers. It was incredible to find this out. Lynnette Fallon.

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Ancestor: George Soule, William White. A wonderful way to connect to the history of our country. Confirmation of the connection to this significant group of immigrants. Karen Sifuentes. According to Ancestry.


Our family is Snow and Converse. Ancestor: Edward Fuller, Stephen Hopkins. It is an honor and it pays respect to my ancestors and the hardships they endured to come to the new world. Tammie Powell. Mary Beth Stephens. Mayflower descendants are a living part of history. Virginia R Kraus.

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Proud to know that my family played a significant role in the founding of the greatest country in the world. Gretchen Bjork. My paternal grandmother, a White, worked on our family's genealogy in the early s. Joining the Mayflower Society will be my tribute to her. Andrea Bouvier.

The thought that if just one person did something different, had married someone else, had died in war, any number of life altering situations, I would not be here. I would not be able to trace my ancestry back to such a great moment in time. I am honored at be here and a part of such a wonderful organization. Deborah Durham. It means my family played an important role in American history and that it is a great heritage that I pass to my grandchildren.

I have loved sharing this historical connection with my father, brother, and relatives. Imagine all of us that would not exist had John Howland not been rescued! Lauren Gaudlitz.

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Being a part of the Mayflower makes me very proud of my history, ancestors and heritage. Their story leaves a great legacy for us to carry on. Location: Varese, Italy. Patricia Claus. I am so proud of my ancestors for coming to America despite the incredible hardships and uncertainty they had to endure the first few years.

They created a country with their courage and hard work, and their story belongs to the entire nation. I only recently found out about my connection and completed the research to apply. To know that I am now a part of close to years of history by such a brave group of people is an honor. I look forward to meeting and learning the history.

Thank you all for taking the time to lead this group giving us these opportunities. Susan Dunham McGill. I teach US history to public middle school students. I appreciate being able to make personal connections to our curriculum. Caroline Anderson.

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Very important to me and my family. That I can trace my lineage to some very strong, principled, hard working men and women upon whom my own existence depends They overcame great challenges. Very humbling. Jeannie Burke-Hanlon. Cheryl Ralston. It makes me realize that I come from hardy stock and I have pride of the role of my ancestors in creating our country.

It makes me want to hold current government to the Pilgrim morals, standards, and beliefs about freedom of religion. It means that my relative was an explorer and helped develop this great land. Annette Gardner. Dorothy Greene. John R Woodman. Heidi Higginbotham. Ancestor: Edward Fuller, George Soule.

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Roots and pride of country! Esther Horrigan. I feel very proud to be descended from such an adventurous and hardy group of people. Descent from a Mayflower family is a verifiable present-day connection to millions of other descendants and cousins.